Haley. Funny how that sounds foreign to me some days. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. This blog is about taking a step back from all of my roles and getting back to Haley.

I am a woman, believer of Christ, nature lover, adventure addict and I strive to be better in all areas of my life every day. I will share with you my thoughts on faith,  motherhood, adventure, and how-to specifics on getting out there with little ones. I will commit to showing up to you and posting once a week.

I am so grateful that you are reading my words and I hope some of them resonate with you. I will be real and honest with the good, the bad and hopefully the funny parts of my real life. Keep checking back for the latest and greatest in my whirlwind of a life!


Hello! Thank you for visiting us in this space. I am Haley: I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to two small boys. My husband Jeff and I have been dating since we were 18 and 20 and have been married since 2012. We have been living a pretty kickass, adventure filled life since day one. We met while working together at our local ski resort in Ohio and have been inseparable ever since. We became a family two years after we got married and have been wading our way through parenthood together since.


Our oldest, RM is my child 100%. He is quiet, reserved, intentional, tender-hearted and fiercely loving. Even as a baby he would sit with me at playgrounds on the sidelines getting a lay of the land for 30 minutes before he would venture in at all. I will remember until the day that I die the first time he just ran off and participated in an activity without my coercing him. He was somewhere between 2-2.5 and we were at a carnival type event. We came around a corner and saw inflatable slides and bounce house and I braced myself for the inevitable 15 minutes I would have to talk it up, the many times I would have to go through it with him before he would be comfortable without me. To my utter surprise I looked down to see the blur of the back of his head racing towards the inflatables only to have me drag him out at least an hour later. I have never been filled with so much pride in my life. While I love seeing his tender heart in action, it is his growing courage that  impresses me the most. I pray for the ability to harness his loving side while encouraging him to speak up for himself in ways I was never able to.


JR is Jeff’s mini: he is strong, determined, smart, opinionated and I have no fear that he will ever get pushed around in this life. He is also fiercely protective and loving of the people he treasures. He wants to make the world around him better, showing his loving side with gifts (dump trucks, cookies, frogs) and when his people are sad or sick he freely gives snuggles, back pats or smooches, although none of those are available on a normal day. He bravely faces the world around him, without any of the timid tendencies of his brother. I have watched him many times get greeted by older children in public spaces and immediately join into whatever game they are playing, climbing to the highest reaches of the playground and fearlessly flying down slides that should be way too big for him. It warms my heart when he occasionally turns back to see if I am watching, because we both know he doesn’t need my help or approval to live his life to the fullest. I have no doubt this will be my trouble maker, the one that will test my patience. As terrified as I am of his independence, I am equally proud and confident in his path in life. I pray for the courage to not squash his wild side while raising him.


As a family we like to get out in nature and explore as much as we can in as many ways possible. Our biggest passions are hiking and camping, and we cannot wait until the boys are big enough to reintroduce skiing into our winters. Trains, planes and automobiles are a few of the many ways we have traveled with kids over the last few years.  We travel a lot chasing our dreams and I want to share tips on how to get out there with your family in an effort to relieve the anxiety I know I felt the first time. If I could inspire even one person the confidence to take their young family outside then I will have accomplished my goal here. I love following adventure families on all sorts of social media, not only do they share great photos, but many times it gives me the light bulb moment of ‘Oh, you can do that with kids?!’ That is the feeling I am aiming to share with you.

Our family has also become passionate about our journey in following Christ. We have found great joy getting connected with other families that are raising their children and growing themselves in their faith. This has already changed our family dynamic in a positive way. For me, there is relief and a sense of calm knowing that I don’t have to make up this parenting thing up as I go, there is a direction laid out in the Bible. Knowing my boys will have a source to reference along with their memory bank when we are gone is reassuring.


Adventure and religion seem to be standing in opposition to each other in my world right now and I am thrilled to create a space where these two loves can live in harmony. Mother nature is a snapshot of God’s beauty, but unless you combine it with God’s word you are only seeing a small part of the picture. Submerging yourself in the beauty all around while also focusing on the writings of the Bible can help connect some of the dots and allow you to truly appreciate the physical and ethereal worlds all around.  

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